Maintenance of Dental Implants

One of the biggest cosmetic and functional issues people face with their teeth is dealing with missing teeth. Dealing with missing teeth is much more than simply a cosmetic issue. Having this issue can affect the way you eat and even the way you speak. If you are missing any of your natural teeth, your dentist can replace them with dental implants in Rockville Maryland. This allows you to avoid having to have temporary options, like bridges and partials. If you are considering a method of replacing your missing teeth, this information can help.

When choosing dental implants to replace your teeth, the dentist will first have you go through a surgical procedure. This allows the dentist to place metal anchors into your smile, so they can later hold your artificial teeth and act as a root system. Without the metal anchor in place, your new implants would not function properly and would not be strong enough for you to chew food.

Each anchor must be put into place and allowed to fuse with bone. The dentist uses titanium anchors because this metal is able to bond with bone tissue. This bonding process takes place over several months and is typically accomplished within six months time. This part of the process is crucial for how well your dental implants function. The dentist will continuously check your fusion process and will not put your artificial teeth in, until full fusion has taken place.

Once your Rockville dental implant is in place and has fully fused, the dentist can place your artificial teeth in. Each tooth is placed at a precise angle and depth, so it will look as natural as your own teeth. This process takes time, because the dentist will artfully work to ensure your smile looks its best.

With dental implants, you can regain full function of your smile, without worrying about anyone being aware you have had dental work done. Your teeth will offer you full function, allowing you to eat all types of foods. Once your teeth are in place, you can feel confident in your appearance again and no longer feel the need to hide your smile.

If you have been considering options for replacing your missing teeth, contact your dentist about dental implants in Rockville, MD. Through a consultation appointment, you can find true relief from the problems of dealing with your missing teeth, so a beautiful smile will be yours permanently.

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