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Dental Implants in Rockville

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Are dental implants the right solution for you?

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Are Dental Implants The Right Solution For You?

If you have lost one or more teeth, one of the appropriate solutions for replacing them are dental implants. A dental implant is a device intended to be a substitute for the artificial root of a missing tooth. The thread is made of biocompatible materials that are free of rejection and allow attachment to the bone. If you are interested in having dental implants in Rockville MD placed, contact your local dentist and schedule a consult.

Rockville dental implants offer comfort and stability of a natural tooth, as opposed to removable dentures. They do not rest on the gum or use hooks around natural teeth, but rather are placed within the bone. About this implant a dental crown is placed, which gives teeth a natural look. It will also make it feel and function like a natural tooth.

To analyze which type of implant is best in each case and properly plan treatment, our Rockville dentists must first perform dental tomography, which is a radiographic three dimension imagery. This allows all the necessary studies of the anatomical structures to help implant placement. If the practitioner believes that the bone around the implant is not ready to receive the chewing force or load of the implant, they will indicate a two-stage implant.

Immediate loading implants

Dental implants in Rockville Maryland that are immediately loaded have a small bolt that are shaped like a cylinder, which due to its shape and technology, allow the physician to minimally perform the invasive surgical procedure without opening the flaps or gums. If you are a candidate for immediate loading implants, oral rehabilitation can be accomplished in a shorter period of time compared to two-stage implants.

Two-stage implants

In some cases, implants may need two phases due to certain conditions. This usually has something to do with the patient’s bone structure. The two-stage dental implants are composed of two parts; one that is placed within the bone and will replace the root of a natural tooth, and another standing on the first part that will hold the crown, bridge or denture. The first part of the implant is allowed to stand for several months (4-6 months), which is for the process of osseointegration to occur. During this time the dentist will verify by radiographic image if the patient has met the conditions for the second part. If so, he or she will continue with rehabilitation.

Loss of a tooth

The impact of food against the gums can cause discomfort and damage. This causes people to chew on one side, wearing that area out. The adjacent teeth shift seeking contact on the missing tooth, causing retention. This is when diseases are created. If you are tired of having missing teeth or your dentures, one permanent solution is to go with dental implants. Nothing can be as frustrating as having to deal with the loss of teeth every day. Dental implants from Dental Implants Rockville, Maryland function like the roots of natural teeth – they will look and feel like your natural teeth once were. For more information on Rockville MD dental implants, contact your local dentist today.